How to get Google AdSense approval | April 2022

As a blogger, Google AdSense is the first priority amongst bloggers to get their ads so, that they can monetize their content with a popular and reliable platform.

Why Google AdSense ?
Google AdSense offers you the best payouts with quality ads to be displayed. Reliability, credibility & support are more than awesome. Now, let’s see how we can get approved.

  1. Your blog must have a bright theme with an easy UI/UX. Take a simple and easy to operate white theme for your blog.
  2. Avoid nulled themes/plugins if using WordPress. Buy if you want those, or use free.
  3. Legal Pages – Make sure you have Legal pages of your blog such as Disclaimer, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions & must include a site map of your website. These pages offers credibility on your site.
  4. SSL certificate is a must. – Your site must have SSL certificate. It is the HTTPS before the site.
  5. Write unique content – Never copy anyone’s content rather make your own. with at least 400 to 500 words each. In addition to that make sure your grammar is also good at writing. Use plain, basic & simple fonts & use less images.
  6. Good content – Write what is good, which means no hatred speech, no adulatory, weaponry no tips for hacking nothing illegal.
  7. Legitimate – Your contact us & about us page must have same address & emails which you provided in AdSense signup. This works as far from my experience.

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