How to start crypto trading in India ?

Nowadays, Cryptocurrencies are the new way to grow your money. Everyone of us still don’t know how to start trading cryptocurrencies & invest their money on reliable platform.

So, I am going to share that how you should start your own cryptocurrency trading in India.

Before everything I must tell you that, Cryptocurrency has high chance of loses too make sure you invest on your own risk & invest wisely.

First of all choose a reliable platform form my personal experience I personally use WazirX.

Starting cryptocurrency trading STEP BY STEP –

  • Register/Sign Up on WazirX, here is the link – .
  • Complete KYC & add your bank account carefully. within 24 hours your account will be ready for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Deposit funds, don’t start with huge investment make sure start as low as possible.
  • Choose your coin whichever you want to buy amongst the listing of all coins in WazirX.
  • Buy the coin/s at a price which is very low.
  • Sell the coin/s at a price where you are ready to book your profit.
  • Keep doing until you want to withdraw your money back to your bank.

It is not as easy as these steps look like. Life is not that simple that you invest the money and gain your profit just from few steps, Do deep research before doing any investment.

That’s how you can start your crypto trading from today.
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