Tips to boost your PC performance 2022

Hi everyone, We love our PC’s they help us our work & let us play games for spending quality time. Then if it feels “laggy” or choppy even it hangs sometimes then it destroys our experience.

Why does it even gets slow ?

  • Temp & Cache files.
  • Dirt stuck inside the machine.
  • Dried out thermal paste.
  • Operating System hasn’t been re-installed from a long time.
  • Hardware specification are too slow.

So, today I am going to tell you how you can boost your PC performance.

Tips on boosting PC performance –

  1. Delete everything as follows – I am telling you 3 commands to run on Run command (Windows + R) %temp%, temp, prefetch. Each one by one after entering hit enter & delete everything inside it.
  2. Disk Cleanup – Go to My PC, Right click on your C drive or wherever you have Windows installed. Click on properties then go to Disk Cleanup there you can clean up some system files which are no more useful.
  3. Keep your PC clean – After cleaning it from inside make sure you clean from inside as well. Fan & vents are the most common areas where your PC/Laptop can get dirt from outside. Later, they build up and stuck on radiators which cause them lack of airflow causing heat issues which significantly drop PC’s performance.
  4. Thermal Paste – Even after cleaning or blowing out the dust and dirt out of your PC it still heats then the reason will be dried up thermal paste. Thermal paste is most commonly found on GPU & CPU chip. If that dries you need to clean the old one and paste a new drop of thermal paste on it.
  5. Reinstall Windows – You have done everything still can’t get result last but not least reinstall the Windows in it. It will make your PC work like new after you complete all the above steps.
  6. Upgrade – Everything failed ? That’s fine, now you have to upgrade your PC. You may need an SSD, RAM new GPU or CPU that totally depends upon what your current specs are and are they sufficient for your desired job? If not go for an upgrade or buy new PC/Laptop.

Hope, this helped you. Many Thanks!

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