PS5 Controller is it worth it ?

Design & Build

The build is amazing the controller feels tightly packaged and intact the plastic has premium feel while using.

Adaptive Triggers

The new motor enables to resist the force applied on the trigger by user. 

Haptic Feedback

The vibrating motors are now replaced with Haptic motors the haptic makes very high definition vibrations and it works as per the environment in game .

Does this works on PC ?

Yes, This requires an official driver from Sony which allows your PC to detect your DualSense as a PC controller.  If you want to run old games then you need a third party software DSX. for more controls to operate.

Can PS4 controller work on PS5?

Yes, It will work but the problem you might face could be with the Adaptive trigger supports and haptic.


At the end make it Wireless or Connected by Type-C USB cable the controller works excellently well.