PS5 Controller is it worth it ?

Works on PC ?

Hi guys, The PS5 Controller DualSense is it worth its price ? Today, I am going to tell you about it in detail and is it fine to use for PC. I would also like to mention I will not be covering DualSense Edge controller in this post.

PS5 Controller Design and build:

First of all let’s talk about the design of the all new controlled DualSense. The build is amazing the controller feels tightly packaged and intact the plastic has premium feel while using. RGB LED bars makes it look more premium and touch-pad is bigger now.

Yes, D-Pad feels a little bit “squishy” but it gets it job done fine. Rest every button are perfect and work as they must. The rotator sticks both feels smooth and precise, like it is under your control to the every part of the movement. The weight of this Controller seems adequate a little bit on a heavier side but you will get used to.

Haptic feedback and Adaptive Triggers of all new DualSense Controller:

Now let’s talk about some features which makes this controller the best on planet by now.

DualSense Adaptive Triggers:

The controller offers a totally new feature called as Adaptive Trigger. Which adds up an additional motor to each trigger L2 & R2. The new motor enables to resist the force applied on the trigger by user. The resistance could vary in different modes like normal resisting, vibration resistance and Tap-fire resistance, It all depends on the situation or weapon/tool which is being used in game as per the real scenarios It tries to communicate with the user to feel the resistance of what happening in game.

For an example like if we are using a bow in the game the trigger would be resistive a little bit hard to press which make you feel like you are pulling the arrow. Or while using an automatic rifle the trigger pushes back and forth repeatedly and fast which make you feel like you are pressing a real trigger.

DualSense Haptic Feedback:

Haptic feedbacks in the Controller offers an amazing response from controller. The vibrating motors are now replaced with Haptic motors the haptic makes very high definition vibrations and it works as per the environment in game it tries to make such vibrations to make you feel like you are on the same surface and situation just as in the game. The haptics provides an immersive experience which make you feel every movement and sound in game.

How does this works for PC ?

One word – Yes, Let me give you some details.
This requires an official driver from Sony which you can Download from here this allows your PC to detect your DualSense as a PC controller. Which enables you to play PC games which natively supports DualSense controller. Mostly new and upcoming games are supported by DualSense. Working of Haptics and Adaptive Triggers varies between games to games.

If you want to run old games or forcefully override to make haptics and adaptive triggers for rest of the all games. Then you must need third party software and mods to make this possible. The firmware updates of DualSense also makes it perform better.

The best third Party Software for DualSense right now is DSX.

Can PS4 controller work on PS5?

Yes, It will work but the problem you might face could be with the Adaptive trigger supports and haptic. Rest things will work out great. Enjoy with your DualShock4 with the all new next gen PS5. But, I recommend using a DualSense on PS5 rather than a DualShock 4 because it won’t provide as much immersive experience in games like DualSense can.


At the end make it Wireless or Connected by Type-C USB cable the controller works excellently well. Battery backup is more than needed the quality are top notch, features are next level. This is the controller which is truly next gen.

This might feel overprice but once you use it. The price is justified to the quality and feature this device offers.

Also checkout the Web Story I made for same content for a quick look to the product.

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PS5 Controller is it worth it ?