PUBG PC Steam | Is it still worth in 2023 ?

Hello everyone, Today I am going you to tell about PUBG PC Steam how it is going in 2023 ?

Player Unknown Battle Grounds is battle royal based shooting game where 100 players spawn in a map and survive till last. We will see about PUBG today in detail.

Graphics of PUBG PC Steam

The graphics of PUBG PC are steal fascinating even now in 2023. Graphics are astonishing even from today’s standards textures, models, are very well detailed. Lighting and shadows also enhances the post process of game. The surface where ever it is paddy reflects like simulation.

The floating particles and effects make the immersion more real. Game also provides amazing camera shake near blast which makes the experience much better.

Refraction of scope and the holographic and red dot sights also suits the environment of game to make it feel more towards simulation.

Houses/Apartments and other buildings has very much more details as compared to PUBG Mobile. To make a house home developers added a lot of furniture’s, wall paintings, appliances which make us feel like we are in an actual abandoned home. Not only this weapons in this games are also very high definitive.

The shells of bullets popping out of gun are accurate and well calculated in this game it feels like a simulation from the mechanics, physics and depth of this game.

Mechanics and Game Physics

The game has excellent mechanics even by now, the guns impact and recoils varies from distance, angle, gravity and type of gun. Which make people need to calculate outcomes before firing.

Gun bullet’s dives if shoots from a distance very far away which also changes upon type of gun SMG or Pistol have very few travelling distance where as Sniper have very far range which is best for far sight sniping. To counter gravity we have to shoot far opponent above their had so when bullet dives still it manages to hit on head.

Damages, Firing Rate, Range everything matters from gun to gun in PUBG PC STEAM.

Vehicles in PUBG PC

The game has fleet of different types of vehicles hatchback, sedan, SUV, muscles, coupe cars. Water boats, Mini Vans, Aero Gliders, Sports cars Trucks and what not. Which drives good but a little far from the reality.


The game has such cons too such as plenty of hackers getting in matches and make worse experience for players.

Vehicles physics could be better, Speeds must increase, deformation of vehicles should also be there.

Rest the game is absolutely gem.

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