The Heir of Memories – An implemented Masterplan or Quest ?

Hello everyone, Today I am going to explain about The Heir of Memories mission, quest a masterplan ? We will know everything in detail.

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  • Assassins Creed Odyssey – The Heir of Memories (DLC : Fate of Atlantis)
  • Assassins Creed Valhalla – The Heir of Memories fulfilled her role perfectly.

Assassins Creed Odyssey – The Heir of Memories (DLC : Fate of Atlantis)

This is all started in the events of Assassins Creed Odyssey in the quest The Heir of Memories, while Kassandra (AC Odyssey Protagonist) was travelling across the sees while she saw Holographic appearance of ISU God, Alethia. See was shocked and assuming her as a divine she reached her out. She named her The Keeper (Keeper of the Staff – Staff of Hermes Trismegistus). After she took the staff from Pythagoras.

Alethia told Kassandra if she could do a responsible task for her. She asks her to Keep the staff safe and deliver it to The Heir of Memories safely at right time.

To check on her and rebuild her Ideology she also gave her 3 simulation creating three different realms Elysium controlled by Persephone (Greek Goddess ISU) The Underworld controlled by Greek God Hades another ISU & then Atlantis ruled by Greek God Poseidon another ISU. She learned a lot in those simulation about Order the Ideology of Templars/ Order of the Ancients or The Cult of Cosmos. And the Chaos Assassins or the hidden ones.

She was seen by Layla Hassan through Animus from modern day. Staff of Hermes kept Kassandra alive for couple millenniums where she repairs the rifts in the timeline to make things going as it must. After many of years she found out she was seen by Layla through Animus she reaches her out straight to modern day and after talking to her she assumed her to be The Heir of Memories as she really was.

She meets Layla and hands over the staff of Hermes to her taking a promise from her to destroy them all. Who were ‘them’ is still a mystery but as she hands over the staff, She was no longer protected and healed by it which suddenly makes her very old and close to death.

Her last words was “Earth mother of all, I greet you”.

Assassins Creed Valhalla – The Heir of Memories fulfilled her role perfectly.

Layla Hassan lead to Norse grave in east America by an encrypted message data string where she found Eivor (AC Valhalla’s Protagonist) DNA samples from her grave and used it in animus to see why does it lead to her.

In Eivor’s life she saw events of her life in which she saw that Eivor is the reincarnation of Odin (Another ISU & Norse god) in human form. Basim to be Loki’s reincarnation. To know more concept about the events I have already wrote a post in details you can find here.

Events of Assassins Creed Valhalla Explained
Basim coming to life uploaded by Skill Games YouTube Channel.

In the near end of Assassins Creed Valhalla Basim falls on the staff of Hermes where he was able to revive himself with the power of healing staff gives. Then the staff was carrying consciousness of Alethia speaks to Basim where he tells the staff or Alethia that The Heir of Memories fulfilled her role perfectly.

Which means that it was all Loki’s masterplan through out the period of 75,000 BCE to modern day 2018. Where he died as Loki, and managed to store is consciousness unwillingly to Odin. He died in the battle or Ragnarok/Catastrophe or Solar Flare with all other ISU’s as humans thrived and continue living,

The wisest of ISU’s managed to reborn again in human form like Odin in Eivor’s consciousness. Which Loki cleverly entered and managed to save his consciousness for future and Later Loki is again born in Basim’s. Which eventually meant to be Loki living again in modern day it was all planned by Loki, the events of Assassins Creed Odyssey & Valhalla.

So, now when Loki is back again as Basim with the Staff of Hermes which heals and protects him he wants to bring back his children which were held captured by Odin according to Norse beliefs.

So, lets see what more is waiting for us in Assassins Creed Mirage we will see what happens next and also about the events happened before Assassins Creed Valhalla. The Early Life of Basim.

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