5 Best Bitcoin Mining Rigs

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10 Tips to boost PC performance in 2023

Hello guys, From my posts Today I will tell you my top 10 tips which will boost pc performance. If your PC feels, old, slow and sluggish to use. You can use the tips below which will make your PC faster. Here is a short table of content and details are explained down below Re-installing … Read more

PUBG PC Steam | Is it still worth in 2023 ?

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PS5 Controller is it worth it ?

Works on PC ? Hi guys, The PS5 Controller DualSense is it worth its price ? Today, I am going to tell you about it in detail and is it fine to use for PC. I would also like to mention I will not be covering DualSense Edge controller in this post. PS5 Controller Design … Read more

Why do we celebrate Holi ? – Holi 2023

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Marseille vs Paris Saint Germain 2023

Football match between Marseille and Paris Saint German (PSG) Marseille vs Paris Saint Germain 2023, After defeating the Glourios French Champions in Coupe De France, Marseille is entering in the contest with very high confidence that he can remake the result as Liguel. The French Football Club has won 9 games in total of 11 … Read more