Why do we celebrate Holi ? – Holi 2023

2 Reasons behind Why do we celebrate Holi ? – Holi 2023

We all are excited for upcoming Holi on 8th of March 2023. Today, I am going to tell you why we celebrate Holi.

We all know Holi is festival of colours but the reason behind why is celebrate Holi is unknown to many.

As per legends and according to Bhagwat Puran, King Hiranyakashipu (The King of Asuras) who cannot be killed by man or animal. Arrogantly demanded everyone to worship him as Gods.

The King’s son, Prahlad disagreed and remain to keep worsipping Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashipu has gone furios and subjected cruel punishment to his son.
Holika, The King’s sister, she cleverly tricked him to sitting on a pyre with her.

She protected herself with a cloak and Prahlad was exposed. As the fire blazed, cloak flew from her body protected Prahlad. Which saved his life.

Later, Vishnu appeared in avatar of Lord Narsimha, Half Lion & Half Man. Lord killed the king. This is the reason why we celebrate Holi with Holika bonfire. Which states to end of an Evil.

And as per another legend, Lord Krishna had a blue skin colour after Putana, a demon, poisoned Lord with her breast milk.

Krishna worrying if fair-skinned Radha and her friends would ever like him because of his dark skin. Krishna’s mother then told him to approach Radha and put colours on her face any color he like.

The playful colouring turned out as a tradition and now, a festival observed as Holi emerged.

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